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A Clear and Present Danger

So it’s obvious that the deep state doesn't want to run ole’ truck-drivin’ coal-minin’ Joe for re-election in 2024. So who’s it going to be? It can’t be Cacklin’ Kamala. She’s already made the list of the worst vice presidents in U.S. history, coming in right under Spiro Agnew, and she’s not finished yet. Maybe Mayor Pete, but how do you run someone that looks like Alfred E. Newman and has the worst track record of any secretary of transportation in our country's history? Maybe Dr. Rachel Levine, the first transgender assistant secretary of health, or, given their love for drag queens, how about RuPaul? She does have a cousin in the Senate.

But there has been a recent visitor to the White House, and the rumor is that he got caught going through the metal detector with a tape measure in his pocket. Gavin Newsome, in all his splendor and hair gel, was recently seen inside the Beltway sizing the place up, and he could very well be the golden goose for the left in 2024.

So let's take a close look at Mr. Newsome. This is the guy who forced the 40 million residents in his state to get an experimental vaccine, whether they wanted to or not, while lecturing you about individual rights and civil liberties. By shutting down the state during COVID, Newsom crippled businesses and caused the state’s unemployment rate to hit the roof. Millions were left without work, and small businesses were forced to close, with many of them having to shut down for good due to financial hardship. And what’s worse, Newsom conveniently lifted his stay-at-home order only days after Biden’s inauguration. And refused to disclose the data he used to make that decision. The move was highly partisan.

Newsom touts the state as a nationwide leader in the area of green energy. But despite all that praise, California can’t even keep the lights on. Back in August, at least one million residents were left in the dark, and this wasn't the first time and probably won't be the last.

Then he blames California's wildfires on climate change. I really get tired of all of the earth’s woes being blamed on climate change. How do poor forest management, lightning strikes, downed power lines, and arsonists have anything to do with climate change? Somebody is making a lot of money off these climate change theories, and golden boy Newsome is all in.

Not only has Newsom not worked to remedy the water shortages faced by the state, but he has actively worked to make the problem worse. Newsom issued a new water restriction. The purpose of this new restriction was to ensure "that our state water infrastructure operates in a manner protective of fish species listed under the state’s endangered species law. So Newsom decided that limiting the already scarce water supply was necessary to protect fish. California has had one of the wettest centuries in 7,000 years, according to a UC Davis study. The problem is, Newsom refuses to build water storage facilities and instead allows trillions of gallons of water to be directed to the ocean just to please environmentalists.

Newsome also claims that San Francisco’s homeless population comes not from drug abuse or mental illness but, get this, Texas. He says San Francisco gets the majority of its homeless from the state of Texas. Reports conducted by the city every two years show the majority of the homeless lived in San Francisco prior to being homeless, and a small percent came from somewhere else in California. I think when you use too much hair gel, it seeps into the brain and causes damage.

In November of 2020, Newsom attended an outing at The French Laundry, a posh restaurant in Napa Valley, California. He assured the public that COVID guidelines were followed. To his surprise, however, someone took photos of him during his night out, and he was caught in a flat-out lie. He was sitting at a table with a large group of people; no one had masks on, and no social distancing was being practiced.

More people have left California this year than any other state in the country. They actually ran out of U-Hauls, it was so bad. Newsome had the audacity to bash Governor Abbott of Texas and Governor Desantis of Florida for the jobs they’ve been doing in their states. The states where most of those U-Hauls have been showing up.

Take this to the bank, my friends, from someone who has lived and worked in the once great state of California for 44 years: This flashy snake-oil salesman is not the guy you want behind the wheel.

He is a clear and present danger.

Written by Walt Ryba April 11, 2023

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