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We need to get it Right in November

The Border crossings are now shifting from Texas to Arizona and California.The reason being, Texas governor Abbott’s use of razor wire and the Texas National Guard, along with several other states who have sent their National Guard units. Arizona and California should follow Abbott’s play-book, but don’t count on it. They share the distinction of having two of the worst governors in the country, Katie Hobbs and Gavin Newsom. I can personally attest to Newsom. He turned one of the most beautiful states in the country into a hellhole.

But let’s look at the best solution to this problem on our southern border, the Mexican southern border. There are roughly 13 million people in this country illegally and 98% came across the Mexican southern border and Mexico continues to let these people make their way up the 3,000-mile trek to our southern border. How about we tell Mexico that trade and commerce with your country will cease until you secure your southern border. Problem solved right? No, problem not solved because we have a government that is about as useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker.

In 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Operation Lone Star, an initiative aimed at stopping immigrants from entering the country without legal permission. He set up barriers of barbed wire and razor wire along the Rio Grande. The Mexican government then sent a letter to the United States complaining about the barriers installed on the Texas border. They claimed it was unsafe and that the barriers are incredibly dangerous and have led to unnecessary injuries and deaths. The answer from the United States should have been then do a better job keeping your people on your side of the river and there won’t be any deaths and injuries. That didn’t happen. We let the Mexicans dictate what we can and can not do on our own soil. Now Texas is in a battle with Biden and the swamp to keep the barriers up. I have a great idea, Gov. Abbott back those barriers up on to Texas state land and let Biden deal with the river.

Seven migrants beat the hell out of two New York City police officers the other day. They were arrested and released without bail. Four of them were given bus tickets to California and as they were getting on the bus, in front of cameras, they flipped off the American people, both hands. What the hell is going on in this country? If we don’t do something about our borders, problems like this are only going to explode. If your in a state or county that allows concealed weapons permits, I’d look into it. You might be the only security you’ve got.

Wake up America. The election this November is the most important decision you will probley ever make. We are losing our country, and we need to take it back fast. Four more years of this and we might lose it forever.

We need to get Right in November!

Written By Walt Ryba February 2, 2024

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