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Just A Few Thoughts

Updated: May 13, 2021

A few thoughts on what's going on today. May 12, 2021. First is the escalation in Gaza. We need to leave Israel to its business. This land has belonged to the Jews for 4000 years. It is their land, not the Palestinians. Either live in peace under Jewish rule or get out. If you continue to savagely attack the Nation of Israel you face annihilation which Israel is completely capable of doing. The Jews don't get into our business. Don't get into theirs. Let them protect their nation as we would protect ours. Our enemies are thousands of miles away. There’s are walking distance.

The Gas Crunch: Under President Trump, we were energy-independent. The average gas price at the pump was $1.79. They are now at $2.71 and rising. We can't blame this on the hacking of a pipeline. The rise in price has been steady since the Biden craze hit. Americans should blame Biden, but not for the reason you might think. Biden's attack on U.S. energy producers, starting with his freeze on federal oil and gas leases, will assuredly take a toll on output down the road and cause prices at the pump to rise. Here in California, it's $4.00 a gallon but that's our fault.

The Vaccine: My take on this is if you want to get, get it. It's your body. But don't look at me sideways if when you ask me "did you get vaccinated? " and I tell you no. They can tell you it's safe all day long but they don't have a clue about long-term effects. After all, these are the same people that said you don't need to wear a mask then they said you do need to wear a mask then they say you need to wear two masks. Sorry, I don't trust some of our trusted advisers. And my advice to you people jogging with a mask on or driving on the highway wearing a mask when you're the only one in the vehicle. Get a freekin' life. Three members of the New York Yankees baseball team got vaccinated and later tested positive.

The Southern border: Short and sweet, don't listen to the White House or the mainstream media. Listen to the people who live and work on our southern border. It's the worst it's ever been. There are plenty of outlets you can go to and hear their stories and I encourage you to do so.

Just A few thoughts

Written by Walt Ryba May 12, 2021

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