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A Shameful Act

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

It uses to be it’s Bush’s fault. Bush is responsible. Well your off the hook Georgie. Trump is the new fall guy. This whole Afghanistan debacle is Trump’s fault. But it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see it clearly lies on the mindless head of Joe Biden. All he had to do was keep everything in place until everyone who needed to get out got out. American citizens first.

Now, as of August 25th, the headcount of Americans remaining in Afghanistan is 1,500 and it could be a lot higher because the state department is clueless just like the rest of this administration to the actual number. Plus we left behind an estimated 80 Billion dollars worth of military equipment making the Taliban one of the best-equipped armies in the middle east. This not only could be, it is the biggest embarrassment in American history. This makes Jimmy Carter’s hostage crisis look like a bomb scare at Disneyland.

In a phone call, President Trump told the Taliban leader Mullah Baradar, that before the Trump administration even negotiated a ceasefire agreement with the Taliban that The safety of American citizens was first and that if anything happened to any American citizen in Afghanistan the United States would hit the Taliban with a force that no nation has ever seen before. He went on to tell Baradar that he knew where his village was and if the Taliban would go back on their agreement then America would send a great force to his village first.

Secretary Pompeo and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows were also on that call. I trust President Trump would have been true to his word.

Today a suicide bomber took the lives of 13 American soldiers. What are you going to do about it Joe?

Joe Biden has also told us he has not gotten any negative response from our major allies on his handling of the Afghanistan situation. I guess he hasn’t talked to the Britt’s. The British Houses of Parliament decided to hold Biden’s handling of the situation in contempt, with lawmakers condemning his withdrawal plan as “catastrophic” and “shameful,” They still have 6000 of their people in harm's way.

But hold on my fellow Americas, up to 100 Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan and seeking to resettle in the United States have been “flagged” by The Defense Department terrorism watch list. How many of those guys have a pilot’s license? We are just begging for another 9/11 and with this Knucklehead at the helm, I’d find myself a nice quiet spot to live miles and miles from any major city where you don’t have to smell the smoke, you can safely read about it in your small town local newspaper.

I’m dead serious, Between what’s coming in from Afghanistan and what’s coming across our southern border were in big trouble and it’s time we as Americans take a stand. Joe’s approval rating after 8 months in office is 41% approve 55% disapprove. I would like to appeal to the 41%. Get your heads out of your butts and pay attention to what’s going on around you.

A Shameful Act.

Written by Walt Ryba August 26, 2021

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