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America First

We are not prepared for war with China, nor should we even get involved in a war with China, Russia, or anybody else. Now, I am not a pacifist by any means. I believe if we get provoked, we try to settle it through channels. If we are attacked, we go to war.

Taiwan’s geopolitical position and economy, while important, are not critical to American interests in East Asia. It is certifiably not critical enough to start World War III. Our main export from Tiawan is semiconductors (computer chips). Taiwan is to chips what oil was to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, Taiwan is kind of the controller of what will make our economies move in the 21st century. That being said, I think the United States needs to stop depending on other nations for our critical needs and start producing them here on our own soil.

Now on the other front why are we puting ourselves at risk over Ukarine. The Biden administration and other proponents of current U.S. policy have so far failed to offer a strategic argument on behalf of the costs and risks that current U.S. policy incurs in the Russia-Ukraine War. More than $100 billion in U.S. tax dollars have flowed into Ukraine in less than a year, with evidence of a lot of that money falling into corrupt pockets. Meanwhile, illegals, terrorists, and enough drugs to kill our entire population flow across our southern border every day. And how about a little of those billions going to the people of East Palestine, Ohio?

President Trump hit the nail on the head with "America First."

Written By Walt Ryba February 22, 2023

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