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Becareful What You Watch

After the abrupt resignation of CNN president Jeff Zuker in Febuary of 2022, they brought in Chris Licht to be his successor. He was brought in by Warner Bros-Discovery, the parent company of CNN to move the news network from a far left wing platform to a more moderate one. Well today, June 7, 2022 after only 14 months on the job he got wacked. They fired him. He couldn’t do the job they hired him to do. The cluture at CNN is to ingrained to the left wing wacko’s that they are.

Now the reason he got fired is because of Donald Trump. On May 10th there was a town hall meeting on CNN with Donald Trump which by the way got very good ratings. Normally their ratings are in the toilet. Maybe 400,000 viewers nightly. Mike Lindell sells more pillows then there are people tuning in to CNN on a nightly basis. However once Trump appeared on the show the far left went into a tail spin and turned on Licht like a bunch of junkyard dogs.

Right then and there the far left media companies went into a coodinated attack and started writing hit pieces on Licht. The usual Loonies. You know the crowd, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Politico and on and on. All the media outlets that are suffering do to Americans getting wise to there lies and deciet. And from those lies Licht’s days at CNN were done.

Now the far left controls Corperate media and what they are saying to all the media mogals in America is that if you do anything to benifit Donald Trump you are in our crosshairs. We will take you down, crush you and destroy you.

The Media Kabal is one of the most powerful machines in America. Their Adolf Hitler is a guy by the name of Saul Alinksy. Saul Alinsky was a Communist. Hilary Clinton idolized Saul Alinsky. In 1969 she wrote a Thesis on Saul Alinsky. Saul wrote a piece called rules for radicals and rule # 13 says “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.” and thats what the Kabal did to Chris Licht and also what they have in mind for Donald Trump. The Kabal has been after Fox news for years and their winning that war largely in part to Fox news managment.

My advice to Americans is to tune in to networks like Newsmax, Americas Voice, Blaze TV or One America News. All good, honest news outlets The kabal hasen’t intimadated them yet. Hopefuly they never will.

America we can never let this Media Kabal or as I like to put it, Media Thugs influence the way we think or the way we go about our daily lives. If we do we will loose this country.

Becareful what you watch.

Written By Walt Ryba June 7, 2023

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