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F.B.I. Fedral Bureau of Idiots

The FBI asked Germany's longest-running crime show Aktenzeichen XY for help in tracking down former mafioso James "Whitey" Bulger by broadcasting some supposedly recent photos of Bulger and his girlfriend, believed to be on the lam in Europe some time in 2008. What they didn't do was check these photos for accuracy. When calls started flooding the German airwaves with reported sightings of this "extremely dangerous" couple, the FBI was no doubt overjoyed about their new leads. It was then revealed that the photo the FBI chose to broadcast was of his parents, nonthreatening retirees who were shocked to find themselves the center of an international manhunt. The FBI waited five days to remove the pictures from it's website, perplexed over which photo to use next because all old people look the same. When Whitey was finally arrested in Santa Monica Ca. he and his girlfriend were never even overseas at the time of the broadcast.

In recent years, the bureau failed to notice a Russian spy within its ranks, accused the wrong man in the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics and botched its investigation of a government scientist who handled nuclear weapons secrets.

In July 2000, top FBI agent John O’Neill lost a briefcase containing several classified documents. One of the documents was the Annual Field Office Report, which contained details of all active counterespionage and counterterrorism operations in New York Another document contained information about an FBI informant.

O’Neill had lost the briefcase at a hotel conference room while he left to attend an FBI meeting. It was later recovered, and the documents were checked for fingerprints to confirm whether they had been tampered with. No fingerprints were found. It was speculated that the briefcase was stolen by thieves and not a foreign intelligence agency. O’Neill retired from the FBI in August 2001 and took a new job as the chief of security at the World Trade Center, where he was killed on September 11th 2001.

Then there was Ruby Ridge and Waco, two of the biggest FBI blunders in the history of the agency.

The stories of incompetence go on and on and on. To many to mention in one article.

From the beginning the problem has been in the upper ranks. From its founder J Edgar Hoover, a homosexual cross dresser who kept the world's largest collection of pornographic material which he reportedly used for his own titillation, to James Comey who should be behind bars for corruption and treason.

They say the FBI is the best of the best. that’s a joke.

But still we the American people continue to pick up their paychecks and get nothing in return. Just another useless Government agency along with all the rest of the useless government agencies.

Some years ago I worked private in house security for a guy that was former head of the FBI's public affairs office. Nice guy but all foam no beer. Its now starting to make sense.

FBI, Fedral Bureau of Idiots.

Written By Walt Ryba July 20, 2021

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