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Hang In There America

There are 250 million acres of farm land in the United States. That requires a lot of fertilizer to maintain our crops. The supply chain for this fertilizer is on the brink of collapse. Not just the U.S. but the entire world is bracing for an expected shortfall in their fertilizer stores due to sanctions, embargoes and other restrictions imposed on Russia and Belarus in reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. 40% of our fertilizer comes out of Russia and Belarus and they have decided to end all exports for the remainder of 2022 and to really punch our lights out China, the worlds largest producer of fertilizer has suspended their export

of the stuff.

One of the main impacts of Russia and China’s halt on the exports comes in the increased prices of furtilizer. The added expense farmers have to shell out just to get enough fertilizer for their fields is adding to concerns over soaring global food inflation. Just think this summer you’ll be able to buy a watermelon for just four easy payments.

Brazil plans to reduce dependence on Russian fertilizer by 2050. That’s fine but what are people supposed to eat for the next 30 years?

All that being said, The Russians and the Chinese are not our friends folks and we need to wake up to that fact. These two regimes are the worlds thugs and need to be dealt with. But that's not gonna happen in the near future when you have swamp rats like Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell on the China gravy train. It is well documented about how much Biden has hauled in from the Chinese but a lot of people are unaware of Mitch McConnell's connection to China. His in-laws own a major shipping company that buys container ships from a Chinese Government company. The in-laws make money from carrying goods back and forward in deals with Chinese State Owned companies. McConnell’s wife is a Chinese-American and also happens to be The Transportation Secretary of the US Government. Her father, James Chao, is a shipping magnate that gave his daughter and her husband McConnell a gift of $25 million in 2008. O what a tangled web we weave.

The List is long of politicians who got rich from Chinese money. Some of the people we elect to make this country the greatest nation on planet earth should ashamed of their conduct. They should be sent packing. Our fore fathers are turning in their graves.

Hang in there America.

Written by Walt Ryba May 4, 2022

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