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How Soon We Forget 9/11

The Arabs, The British, The Americans and the rest of the world can tell you whatever lie they want about a two-state peace agreement but the fact is and the fact will always be

that for over 3,000 years the land of Isreal has belonged to the Jewish People. How do we know this? Because there is a full account in the most historically accurate document in history: the Bible. And it's been proven time an time again that when it comes to accuracy no other ancient text measures up.

Now that we have that out of the way, The land of Israel was given by God to the descendants of Abraham. In the Book of Genesis, God appeared to Abraham and said: “I will assign this land to your offspring” (Genesis 15:18-21). In this passage, God made a covenant with Abraham. In today’s terms that would be a contract. He repeats this covenant to be eternal and unconditional throughout the Bible. The medieval scholar and Bible commentator, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, said that there will be a time when nations will claim the Jews “stole the Land of Israel,” and that the land belongs to others and not them but God in the Bible makes clear that the land of Israel would not be given to the descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, but rather his son Isaac. Abraham’s son Ishmael becomes the ancestor of the Muslims which rules out any claim the Arabs may have.

Before Israel became a nation, most of the people who lived in the region were Arabs and it was known as Palestine. In May of 1948, Israel was officially declared a state marking the first Jewish state in over 2,000 years. Just one day later, war broke out between Israel and five Arab countries—Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. At the end of this conflict, known as the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Egypt was given control of the Gaza Strip. Egypt controlled Gaza until the six day war in 1967 in which Israel regained control of Gaza. Hamas, a terrorist organization, won elections in 2006 and took control of Gaza and have bombed and terrorized Israeli cities ever since.

I've been to Israel and have seen first hand Israeli soldiers in the streets walking side by side carrying M-16's always vigilant of an attack. I felt safer there than I do walking the streets of New York City or Los Angeles. In this writer’s opinion I think we should support Israel in any way we can and then step aside and let them do what they do best, defend their nation. It’s easy to sit back and criticize when you don’t have Qassam Rockets being lobbed in to your backyard day after day killing innocent men, women and children. This has been Hamas’s tactic for over 20 years and Israel has had enough and rightly so.

What do you think the U.S response would be if Canada Started lobbing rockets into our cities or how do you think the British would respond if French terrorists snuck through the Chunnel and terrorized English cities. Think about it!

How soon we forget 9/11

Written by Walt Ryba November 26, 2023

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