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It's Time For A Third Party!

The Tea Party was a dominant force in American politics, but you don’t hear much about it these days. It hasn’t gone away; it just morphed into something else, MAGA. It was the Tea Party that fanned the flames that led to big GOP victories in 2010. But now the Democrats are engaged as much as the Republicans were back then and because the left became so engaged the red team became spineless and we ended up with Ol’ Truck Drivin’- coal minin' Joe.

Neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties currently represent the views of most of the American people. Most Americans feel we need a third political party, one that supports a balenced budget, disclosure of political contributions, tax reform, term limits, and the right for a state or district to recall their senator or house representative if they are not doing the job they were sent to Washington to do. 57% of Americans say a third major political party is needed. That support is in its fifth consecutive year, and support for a third party is highest among independents.

Let’s look at the mess these two parties have gotten us into. The national debt in 2000 was 5.6 trillion dollars. It now stands at $31.1 trillion, and they keep spending money like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave. Other countries and foreign investors basically own us with all the debt that they’ve compiled. Our southern border is as open as the front doors of Walmart on Black Friday, with drugs, terrorists, and illegal migrants just flowing in. People are in jail indefinitely for standing outside the capitol building on January 6th, while antifa and Black Lives Matter are allowed to burn and loot the businesses of hard-working Americans and our Vice President bails them out. Our justice system is a two-way street, all put in place by a two-party system.

These two parties get elected into office and allow personal and party agendas to interfere with their ability to get things done for the overall betterment of the people. They are supposed to be representing us, but they are selling that representation to the highest bidder, legally, under lobbying laws they created. Once they get elected, they burrow into the beltway like a tick on a muledeer.

The corruption in Washington, D.C., is running wild. They make the Corleone crime family look like the Brady Bunch, and it’s all been put in place by a two-party system. Now I can't say that a third party wouldn’t become just as corrupt unless we, the people, lay down some new rules and control how the game is played. I think it deserves a shot.

It’s time for a third party!

Written by Walt Ryba January 4, 2023

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