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King Joe

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

There once was a land called America and the land was good and it’s people prospered. It was a land that believed in liberty and justice for all. It believed in the power of the individual and that there were no limits to success and if you worked hard you would have a good life in this land called America.

One day an old man emerged from somewhere under the castle. He began to speak to the people and he told them great stories of how he could make life better in the land of America. Some believed most did not but through some crafty skullduggery this man rose up and became King Joe and he ruled over all the land.

Now old King Joe was somewhat feeble-minded and not the sharpest sword on the wall so his court would write decrees and he would sit and sign these decrees into law. When he ran out of decrees to sign, his court would write more decrees.

The problem was he never could figure out what was in those decrees or what impact they would have on his subjects.

These decrees took away the people’s livelihoods and old King Joe would just say “C’mon Man” don’t worry about it, we’ll find ya new jobs. The decrees imposed heavy tax burdens on the rich and the poor. He once told the people“There’s a warmth coming upon the land ” so he made them use one ox instead of two to plow their fields. He took away their right to speak freely and to congregate in the public square. He made them wear these strange coverings over their faces whenever they came near the Castle. Why? to this day it remains a mystery.

The subjects wondered when would this madness come to end but there was no end in sight for you see, the King's Court was in control, and King Joe, just the Jester.

Joe Biden has issued 37 executive orders during his first week. More than any other President in history. He once said “excessive reliance on executive orders, ignoring the Legislature, is dictatorial.” The swamp spent four years calling President Trump a dictator. Those same swamp creatures now hail King Joe.

Written by Walt Ryba February 2, 2021

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