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Nappy Time

Are we in competent hands in this country? From the executive branch to the legislative branch to the judicial branch I would have to say no.

The fish usually stinks from the head so let us start with the head. Joe Biden has always been a less than a mediocre legislator. A blowhard to put it in better terms. He ran for president on uniting the country but in his forty-nine years in politics, he’s been nothing short of divisive. I can’t even point to one single thing he ever did in those years. He says he wants equality and racial justice but his long career in politics directly contradicts this. in 1975 Biden sponsored a bill that would limit the power of courts to order school desegregation through busing. He went as far as saying he would support a Constitutional amendment to stop busing and, amazingly admitted that he was siding with racists in the Democratic Party. In 1977 he said he didn’t want his children growing up in a racial jungle which in his twisted mind would come as a direct cause of school bussing. Don’t put the minority children in with my children. What the hell were the American people thinking when they elected this guy.

Then Biden turned his attention from school segregation to the mass incarceration of minority communities through an even tougher approach to the War on Drugs. He co-authored the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which led to a much higher incarceration rate in the black and Hispanic communities. It was a racist bill that devastated those communities for years to come. I think Joe really needs some good drugs himself right about now. It would keep him from, as former U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams put it, “roaming the halls of the White House in a daze.”

This brings us to his cognitive issues. Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick claims that Joe Biden has suffered a 50 percent decline in his cognitive abilities over the past few years. McCormick spent six years working with Biden while he was vice president.

He lapses into nonsense in the middle of speeches. He was seen wandering around a cafe in Cornwall, England before his wife stepped in and led him away. He forgets the names of his cabinet members. He pulls cue cards from his coat pocket to get through a press conference and he still screws it up.

Never forget this guy has access to the nuclear codes which scares even the Democrats. But ya know when it comes down to sippie cup Joe falling asleep in the middle of a Joint Chiefs of a Staff meeting or the thought of a President Harris, I just might go for nappy time.

Written by Walt Ryba July 4, 2021

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