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"Play Ball Not Politics"

Baseball has been our national pastime for over one hundred years. As a kid growing up in New York I can remember sitting in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium for the first time, mesmerized by the number 7 on the back of Mickey Mantle's bright white pinned stripe shirt. To his left was number 8, Roger Maris who the year before broke Babe Ruth's season record of 60 home runs hitting 61. It made me a dye in the wool baseball fan for life

But what would Mantle, Maris and Ruth think about what is going in major league baseball today. That's hard to say but I can tell you what this baseball fan thinks. I think they need to play ball and stay out of politics.

I want to watch the game that I so passionately watched for sixty years without the league inserting politics into our beloved national pastime. We get enough of that from the pinheads we send to Washington D.C. year after year

So there going to relocate the All-Star game from Atlanta Georgia, Why? because Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams have spent days lying to Georgians and the American people and Major League Baseball caved to fear and lies from liberal activists.

When you look at the climate in the country today, a lot of Americans agree with The Election Integrity Act, passed by Gov. Brian Kemp which expands access to the polls and ensures the integrity of the ballot box. MLB is going alienate those viewers and tank their ratings for a second season.

And how smart is MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred? He wants to move the All-Star game to Coors Field in Denver Colorado, a state with equal or even more restrictive voting requirements. Not only does the state of Colorado require proof of identification when casting a ballot to vote, but it also has fewer early voting days than Georgia. Somehow I don’t think Manfred is the sharpest pencil box.

So it comes down to this for many beer drinking, hot dog eating, hard working American baseball fans. "Play Ball Not Politics".

Written by Walt Ryba April 6, 2021

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