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See ya at the Library

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Twenty years from now people will slowly shuffle through the Donald J. Trump library. Now if you’ve ever been to one of his hotels, it will probably feel more like a stroll through Liberace’s living room at Christmas time. But there’s no doubts, when it’s up and running, it will have the Trump brand.

Now if you’ve never been to a presidential library it kind of goes like this, as you walk from room to room its like a timeline of a presidents life. On display are his many accomplishments with photos and lot’s of memorabilia. The Reagan library even has Air Force One on display. There’s also lots of video rooms where you can sit and watch short movies. No food or drink allowed.

The first room usually starts with his birth place, in President Trumps case that would be Queens, New York, about fifteen miles from where yours truly grew up. It will have pictures of his early years and his time at the New York Military Academy and Fordham University. I’m sure they’ll be rooms filled with his many business achievements. But when you get to the rooms where his Presidency will be on display, what I really want to see is a room that will allow the American people to see the truth. A room that is uncensored and bulletproof from the likes of Zucker and Zuckerberg, and Ducey and Soros.

The truth about how he was hounded by the Swampcrat’s from the day he came down the escalator to the day he took his last ride on Marine One, and beyond. From spying on his campaign to accusations of Russian collusion. From a perfectly good phone call to the Ukrainian President to impeachment. Their only success, being a rigged election which cost him four more years in the White House and four more years of prosperity for the American people. Instead we got a wing nut who can’t remember what day it is.

President Reagan once said, “You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down” Let me give you some of President Trump’s definitions of up:

1 Defused the North Korean and Iranian nuclear threats.

2 Defeated the ISIS caliphate

3 Concluded the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

4 Renegotiated trade agreements.

5 Strengthened NATO

6 Brought energy independence to the U.S.

7 Gave us the strongest economic recovery in history especially for minorities.

8 Historic stock market highs.

9 Freed businesses from strangling regulations.

10 Advanced religious liberty.

11 Thwarted illegal immigration.

12 Rebuilt the Military.

13 Acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

14 Protected the rights of the unborn

15 Protected Second Amendment Rights

16 Reformed the VA hospital system

17 Took out the world's number one bad guy, Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

And he did all this with the Swampcrat's riding his back, every inch of the way. Imagine what could have been.

When I checked the Trump - Pence box on my ballot I new what I was in for.

If you look at the mold set by past presidents, Donald Trump shattered that mold and that’s exactly what the voters elected him to do. With this massive government out of control, we wanted an outsider. Someone who would not conduct beltway business as usual. I don’t care about his tweets or his comments because President Trump is who he is, a counter puncher. Has it been easier in the last four years to pay my bills, put food on my table and put some money in my savings account, you bet it was and that’s why we hired him.

See ya at Library.

Written by Walt Ryba February 5, 2021

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