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Stop the Chinese Connection

Joe Biden and his presidency are a complete failure. From the southern border to the economy to the pandemic this whole year has been a train wreck. But we'll save the first two for another day. President Trump handed him 3 Vaccines, vast quantities of medical and personal protective equipment, a full array of testing options for COVID. At-home tests, rapid tests, and PCR tests, a full year of data, study, and scientific knowledge. Plus five lifesaving therapeutics and the result, more deaths in 2021 than 2020.

Now he says theirs nothing the federal government can do. It's up to the states after he told the American people from his basement bunker "together we can lick this thing I know how to do it." Americans drank that Cool Aid but with a 29% approval rating do ya think theirs a little buyers remorse.

To be honest after having covid myself I got through the 3 week ordeal all on my own with a little research and without any help from the government, state or federal. And at 69 years of age I was right up there with the high risk crowd. But the reason I don't gamble when I go to Las Vegas is because I'm not a gambler so the Vaccine was not an option for me. To many risks.

In young people it can cause Myocarditis which is an inflammation of the heart muscle and pericarditis which causes an an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. In middle age and older it can cause blood clots, a condition known as thrombosis. And there are no studies on long term effects so again do you want to roll those dice. I understand the risks are minimal but my body my choice .

What the federal government and other governments around the world should be doing is dealing with the cause. The Chinese. You can talk to me until Nancy Pelosi switches parties and you'll never convince me that the release of this virus wasn't intentional We need to cut the Chinese government off at it's knees and the way we do that is we hit them in their big fat economy.

In 2020 exports, which is what they buy from us was 164 billion dollars. Imports, which is what we get from them was 450 billion. A 290 billion dollar trade deficit. Not to mention their theft of our technology and intellectual properties. President Trump warned us of this time and time again.

The United States can easily stop trade with China. Make what we import from them right here in the USA. That would be job creation and it would stop supporting Chinese human rights violations. But right now we have a President that at one time was on their payroll and still might be. They know they have a friend in the Big Guy.

They released that virus with the 2020 election as their target and the rest of the world got caught in the middle and if the rest of the world can't see past the end of their noses then they are just as blind as we are. President Trump had his foot on their necks and they had to do something and the whole world felt the results.

Stop the Chinese Connection

Written by Walt Ryba January 1, 2022

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