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The Democrat's Just Can't Get In Trouble

On Monday morning, August 8, 2022, a large group of FBI agents raided the Florida residence of former President Donald J. Trump under the direction of FBI chief Christopher Wray and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. In the history of this nation, this raid on a former president is unprecedented. This is all about using the theater to try and create the illusion that Donald Trump is a criminal.

Hillary Clinton smashed iPhones with hammers and poured acid over 30,000 emails all while under a federal subpoena. No visit from the FBI.

There is massive evidence that the Biden family was involved in an international pay-to-play scheme with our biggest enemies, Russia and China. There are pictures, voicemails, and banking records. No visit from the FBI.

Then there's insider trading from the Pelosi family. They have a better stock trading record than Warren Buffett. No visit from the FBI.

Two CIA directors, John Deutch and David Petraeus, are caught with documents in their home. No visit from the FBI.

Former FBI Director James Comey took documents home with him and leaked these documents to the press. No visit from the FBI.

After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on the 45th President's home was not necessary or appropriate. This was an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don't want to see him run for President in 2024. Nothing of any importance was found and all this will do is pave the way for him to unify the party and his reelection in 2024.

This leftist administration has weaponized the Justice Department and the FBI. It’s happening to President Trump and it will happen to us. They didn't just hire 87,000 new IRS agents to go after some millionaires and a few billionaires.

Our forefathers warned us about this in the federalist papers. They said our government could get out of hand and out of control. That's why they gave us the second amendment. To give the citizenry of the newly formed nation the ability to fight against a tyrannical government and defend itself against unlawful violence.

The Democrats just can't get into trouble!

Written By Walt Ryba August 10, 2022

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