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Wake up my fellow Americans

Joe Biden had two responsibilities as Vice President. China and the Ukraine. Son Hunter Biden travels with dad two both places on Air Force Two. He came out of the Ukraine trip with a deal from a corrupt Ukrainian energy company worth $83, 000 a month and the China trip yielded him $1. 5 billion from the Chinese government. All this from an unexperienced crack head who got thrown out of the Navy and has an addiction to hookers in hotel rooms and then Sleepy Joe, better known as “The Big Guy” tells us he has no idea about his sons business dealings.

How corrupt is this Government to just let this slide. Where are the Republicans. If this were President Trump and Don Jr., Pelosi and pencil neck Schiff would have had them in prison in a blink.

I never thought I would see in my life time this country go down so fast. Our government is just a sewer. President Trump could not have been more spot on. He tried to clean it up and look what they did to him. Both sides of the isle.

I also have to say something about the suspension of Chris Cuomo this week. Defending one’s family no matter what they did is something we should all do but I can also say I am not sorry to see him go. Lemon your next.

Wake up my fellow Americans.

Written by Walt Ryba December 2, 2021

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