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We need to put America first

As I write this article the U.S. population sits at 331 million people, that we know of. There are an estimated 12 million people in this country illegally and that number is likely higher as people who are here illegally don’t always want to tell pollsters their legal status. Who knows what the number really is. Then there’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which accounts for another 800,000. Then there’s whoever got in since Open Border Joe put up the welcome sign.

We are busting at the seams in this country. There’s not enough work for our citizens and old dementia Joe keeps waiving them through at the southern border. But we can't place all the blame on the pinheads in Washington. We also need to hold Mexico accountable. What’s going on down in Tapachula on their southern border is that the Mexican police have merely stepped aside as the caravans pass through, watching first as migrants take rafts across the river that separates the country from Guatemala, and then as they continued by foot along the main highway.

This is what has to happen. We need to cut all financial aid to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Then we need to put pressure on companies like Ford, GE, and Whirlpool who use cheap Mexican labor to make there pick up trucks and washing machines and tell them there will be a big price to pay if Mexico continues to let these people waltz across their country. The American people need to demand this. We need to call or write to our representatives in Congress and our Senators and tell them if this doesn’t happen there gone.

So here’s the consequences and the left doesn’t even see it because they don’t want to see it. These illegal’s are potential votes. Plus there too busy working on their power grab. So they keep passing these stimulus packages which provide people with stimulus checks. And now that we are starting to open the country again after the year of Fauci, businesses are starting to hire again but are finding it hard to get a lot of people to come back to work because they are getting paid by the government to stay at home. So who is going to scoop up these jobs? How about the thousands of illegal and undocumented people that keep pouring across our borders. Then what happens when the stimulus merry-go-round stops, the unemployment rate in this country will go up like a hot air balloon on a cool August morning.

New York just passed a bill to give 15,000 dollars to anybody who makes it across our U.S. border and across their state border. I think the legislators in the Empire State are having an out-of-body experience. Not to mention Governor Andy "Roving Hands" Cuomo is still in charge but they won’t do anything about him.There're just gonna hand out money they don’t have to potential Democratic voters. For the Democrats it is not about their constituents, It's about power and keeping that power so they can control every aspect of our lives.

There was only one person who had the skill and the Cojones to do what I’ve been talking about and that was President Donald J. Trump. Unfortunately I think sooner than later the American people are going to realize they made a big mistake in November of 2020.

We have to control our borders. We need to put America First.

Written By Walt Ryba April 19, 2021

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