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We the People Need to Take Control

In 2018, Washington spent $4.1 trillion compared to $2.1 trillion in 1993, which means federal spending has increased by more than 93 percent over the last 25 years. The American household tax burden per year went from $22,230 in 1993 to $26,367 in 2018, an 18 percent increase in 25 years. Simply put, our government spending is out of control.

In 1970, when the dollar was tied to gold, the amount of currency that could be printed and spent was limited. When the government abandoned the gold standard in 1971, it effectively removed this restriction, opening the door for an increase in Congressional spending. Without a limit on spending, these guys went hog wild, as they used the power of the purse to enrich their districts and themselves. Government spending was on the rise faster than hard-working Americans could earn it, with no slowing in sight. So my fellow Americans, hold on to your wallets; it's not over.

How about our individual rights in this country? Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views. Just since 1995, the government has added to the books 88,899 new federal rules and regulations. We are regulated from craddle to grave in this country. We lose more and more individual freedoms every day. Remember those rebels in 1775? Remember what their answer was to rules and regulations? We have a presidential election coming up. You need to know which candidate is going to be for the preservation of our personal liberties and freedoms.

Our federal government was set up by the founding fathers to protect the shores of this country from foreign aggression. And that the individual states would govern the people. Boy, did that idea take a left turn? Starting with World War I through the pullout in Afghanistan, we have lost 667, 000 American lives. Families who sent their children off to some mud hole in Europe and Asia never saw them, talked to them, or hugged them again. All on the whim of a bunch of hawkish politicians in Washington. 911 would have never happened if our agencies here in the States were doing their jobs and vetting properly. Donald Trump comes along and shuts down migration from terrorist-holding countries, and the left calls him xenophobic. I call it protecting the citizens of this country from the clear and present dangers of foreign aggressors.

Think about this: we have sent 115 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine and 1.9 million in aid to the victims of the Maui fires. That's roughly $700 per family. There's something horribly wrong with our government. They have gone off the rails when they put dishonest foreign nations in front of hard working Americans in dire straits.

When you enter the voting booth in November 2024, you need to know the answers to a few questions. Is this candidate for or against private property and free-market capitalism? Is this candidate for or against respect for and protection of individual rights? Does this candidate believe that the function of government is to defensively protect the citizens of the country from the clear and present dangers of foreign aggressors, or do they wish to sacrifice the lives and fortunes of Americans in foreign adventures and wars?

We the people need to take control.

Written by Walt Ryba August 21, 2023

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